Business Financial Planning

We offer expert financial planning advice to business owners seeking financial clarity.


Business Financial Planning

It’s not pleasant to think about what might happen if you, a colleague or a family member gets sick or passes away – but being able to set financial issues aside at emotionally difficult times such as these cannot be overlooked. This is why it’s so important to secure the right protection insurance advice from day one.

At Clear Financial Advice in Billericay, Essex, we take a logical approach to financial protection. We’ll unearth the gaps in your existing protection policies before suggesting a realistic way to plug them, giving you complete peace of mind that if the worst should happen, your affairs will be handled quickly and sensitively.

Our advisors can help you find the following protection insurance products:

Get unrivalled support and clarity of thinking from a corporate financial planning team in Billericay, Essex that truly understands your unique challenges.

When it comes to providing financial advice for business owners, our aim is simple. We want to help ambitious individuals like you secure a more positive financial future for yourself and your loved ones, all while remaining financially resilient to internal and external change.

We can also make sure you’re making the most of your annual and lifetime allowances, and that your choice of pension is designed to help you meet your financial objectives.

We can help you arrange:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Key-Person Cover
  • Shareholder / Partnership Protection
  • Group Life / Critical Illness Cover
  • Group Income Protection
  • Executive Income Protection
  • Group Personal Pensions
  • Auto-Enrolled Pensions
  • Corporate Investments
  • Relevant Life Plans
  • Group Private Medical Insurance

What does automatic enrolment mean to your business?

As of October 2019, every qualifying business in the UK needs to make sure they are offering a suitable workplace pension scheme to their staff. For help finding the best pension solution for yourself and for your team, or for advice on how to navigate the new auto enrolment rules, speak to Clear Financial Advice today.


Protect & grow your organisation with employee benefits

We can help you buy employee benefits directly from some of the biggest insurance companies in the UK, as well as arrange suitable protection insurance. We can also securely store all your important documents for future reference.

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  • VouchedFor UserVouchedFor User

    Paul listened carefully and was incredibly quick to answer all questions and suggest possible solutions. A very impressive and knowledgeable adviser Thank you.

  • VouchedFor UserVouchedFor User

    Thank you very much. He was extremely helpful.

  • VouchedFor UserVouchedFor User

    What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a financial adviser?

    Knowledge and experience

    How did Howard Bullock help you?

    First class service and advice from Howard and his team are always efficient and nice to deal with - as is Howard. I always recommend Howard to my clients and other associates.

    Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?

    Yes without doubt

    What could they have done better?

    I cannot think how they could improve further.

  • Paul BoothPaul Booth

    I am pleased to be able to refer clients to Howard Bullock because he has alot of experience in investment products and is able to provide professional and honest advice, He is there to help as opposed to just trying to sell products to gain a commission.

  • Jo JonesJo JonesBrentwood

    I would highly recommend clear financial advice, very knowledgeable and professional at all times.

  • VouchedFor UserVouchedFor User

    I contacted VouchedFor for a free initial consultation, and Paul contacted me quickly, in response. His manner was very friendly and professional - I felt very at ease talking to him. If I require further advice in the future, I would definitely consider contacting Paul.

  • My Pool Direct Ltd.My Pool Direct Ltd.

    The Guys at Clearifa really know their market. They offer financial advise that is second to none. highly recommend.

  • VouchedFor UserVouchedFor User

    This man will never be a politician. He answered my questions, clearly and without any BS. I would recommend this man without hesitation.

  • Fret WorkFret Work

    Howard, at Clear, has supplied financial services and advice for a wide circle of colleagues and close friends. His experience and knowledge shines through, and he is dedicated to supplying a top-notch solution for all clients.

  • Paul DadyPaul Dady

    Cant thank you enough Howard ...very much appreciated, sound advise .. highly recommend

  • VouchedFor UserVouchedFor User

    What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a financial adviser?

    I’m financially clueless

    How did Howard Bullock help you?

    Advice and support

    Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?

    Yes but ongoing

    What could they have done better?


  • VouchedFor UserVouchedFor User

    He had the answers I needed , I would use him again for any Financial issues.

  • VouchedFor UserVouchedFor User

    Paul gave clear and helpful advice and support with prompt responses in a time-critical situation

  • VouchedFor UserVouchedFor User

    A lovely guy! Extremely helpful, kind and understanding.

  • Terry MaylinTerry MaylinHockley

    very knowledgeable and honest advice highly recommended and you will not regret engaging Clear Financial advice!

  • VouchedFor UserVouchedFor User

    So easy to talk to and straight forward advice

  • VouchedFor UserVouchedFor User

    Howard is very warm and personable, his vast wealth of financial expertise is the reason my family and I will be using him and his accomplished team going forward. Would highly recommend.

  • VouchedFor UserVouchedFor User

    Paul quickly and simply discussed my issue and gave good advice on how to proceed.

  • Craig NichollsCraig Nicholls

    Fantastic knowledge and advise given, Really impressed.

  • BernardBernard

    When, like me, your investment knowledge is limited the first things you want from an IFA is someone whose honesty, experience and advice you feel you can trust. If after that you get to like them as a person who shares similar values with you, as I have and do, then the association should prove to be fruitful. I recommended Paul to both my sons when they needed mortgage advice and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

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